Welcome to Seacats Universe: An online platform that strives to evenly showcase art from a wide array of artists that we care about. Whether it be music, video, photo, illustration, painting, games, writing, or whatever else you might specialize in, we want to make Seacats Universe a home base you visit not only to experience a great set of curated content, but to actively contribute to what’s being made. We want to provide a space where art of any scale can be appreciated and recognized while creating a safe and supportive community that actively engages, inspires, and helps out one another. While much of this will occur online, Seacats Universe will also be hosting local multi-media events in the greater Seattle area to solidify bonds between creators and create a new dynamic within DIY that showcases work beyond our current music scene. Seacats Universe lives and dies by its community so if you’re at all interested in getting involved, in whatever shape that might take, please don’t hesitate to reach out here or through our email at seacatsuniverse@gmail.com.

Thank you,

The Seacats Universe Team