what just happened? so saddened and disappointed. I live in somewhat of a liberal bubble socially and I never thought in a million years trump could realistically win. So sad, and while it is a bit of kneejerk reaction, I feel that it's important at this time to state that SEACATS are pro-feminism, pro-black lives matter, pro-LGBTQ rights, etc.

basically anti- most of the things trump believes. I still have love for conservatives, but I don't plan to be as quiet about these things as I have been in the past. I have cared about these issues for a long time, but have not really spoken publicly partially for fear of "rocking the boat" socially, and partially because as a white straight male I do not encounter bigotry on a regular basis, and therefore can naively assume that things aren't as bad as they actually are.

One thing we can thank trump and this election cycle for is #makingartrelevantagain and we must all use our voices (artistically and otherwise) at this time to state our beliefs louder than ever. I am open to engage in meaningful dialogues with those who disagree with me. My thoughts are with everyone from the marginalized groups who are now dealing with the brunt of the emotional pain caused by this election.