NEW song from Talktin and Easy

"No One in Control" is the second single from Talktin and Easy's upcoming record, "All In Our Family Of Trees". The beautiful single art was done by Sebastien Deramat.

Talktin is playing an acoustic show at Victory Lounge in Seattle on 1/3/16.

Here are some words to go with the music:

It seems only in a dream world can I grasp the reality that we may not be as individual as we would like to think. My existential egotistical self might just be trying to trick me into believing that my importance is material, and of great value. Thus I try to shape myself into the puzzle piece that fits into the greater human narrative. 
But that's just the problem; predetermination overshadowing spontaneous creation. 
Perhaps the same should be said about shaping yourself. 
After all, we are just wild animals. 
But I think we're much more wild when we're young. 
That's when we're not shaping our selves at all. When all we are, are spontaneous actions. 
What if we're not supposed to "grow up" from that at all?. Maybe we could be living the most exciting lives imaginable, simply by letting go of our desire for control. 

Anyway, I'm gonna go check my Facebook now.