Update 1/17/18

Happy 2018. Wow, you can really tell I am a professional webmaster because we released a song a couple months ago and I didn't remember to post it on the website til now. Anyways.... better late than never right? We released this sweet new tune, "My Shoes" as part of our cassette-only compilation release "The Box Forever".

We got a little bit of good press about the single, from City Arts:


We also made this neat trailer to announce "the box forever" too in case you missed it

We had an amazing time on tour w/ Mo Troper + the Assumptions, really warmed our hearts to get out in the world and play music again. Mo wrote a sweet tour blog while we were out, that has some very sweet mentions of us in this part: https://logger.believermag.com/post/a-luxury-pursuit-2

Also! Special Explosion (finally) put out the record that we all put years of work and heart into! You can give it a listen here: 

Finally, we have a few upcoming NW shows: 

Jan. 25th @ Kremwerk Seattle for DMM's Comp release!


Feb. 16th @ Failhouse in Portland w/ Alien Boy, wrinkle, + babehoven


Feb. 17th @ Cascadia Brewing Company w/ Creature Hole


Thanks for tuning in, working on a new record still, should be good, stay tuned