Talktin and Easy "All in our Family of Trees" out this month!

Hello out there folks. Longtime SEACATS followers may know that we have another band called Talktin and Easy and that we have been working on a full-length record for quite awhile. Well this month of October 2018, the thing is finally coming out!

We just released “Garden Our Glow” and you can listen to it now. The full record comes out digitally on October 19th, followed by a release show at Chop Suey Seattle on October 20th. Details for that show here:

We’re putting a big focus on Talktin this month, and will be posting a lotta stuff about it. Hope that’s okay. If you like SEACATS I believe you will like Talktin, it’s like all the same people and there is a lotta love put into it.

Check out the talktin site here:


There is a bit of “SEACATS proper” news as well. We are doing a collaboration with Funhouse Presents for this cool show:


FB event for that show is here:

thanks for checking in!