Shows! Dec + Jan

Playing shows again! here they are:

Dec. 13th @ Woodland Theater in Seattle w/ Salt Lick, Apples w/ Moya, Indigo Kidd, and Lightweight Champs

Dec. 15th @ Turn! Turn! Turn! in Portland w/ Silver Medal, Mo Troper, + Indigo Kidd

Jan 5th @ Crocodile in Seattle for Big Ass Boombox fest w/ a million bands

Jan 11th @ Victory Lounge for Seattle Freeze Fest w/ a lot of cool bands

So excited for all of these for different reasons. Playing primarily new material at all of them. Great friends at the December shows, playing the main stage at the croc for the first time for boombox fest, and working with our pals in DMM for the jan 11th show. they are all going to be cool! here’s flyers:

Dec13 Flyer.jpg

and before we go, because I doubt I will post again before christmas, you will not want to misss what has been called the absolute best xmas song of all time: