WE’RE GOING ON TOUR Letter from josh explaining the tour below:


Hey folks, you may have noticed that SEACATS have been less active for the last bit. I am embarassed to say this, but most of the reason for that is because of some legal trouble that I (Josh) have gotten into. Early in 2018 I got caught up with the wrong people and was encouraged to take part in a tax fraud scheme that made me quite a bit of money (upwards of $2k!) but as I always say with these types of things “what goes up, must come down”. The IRS found me out earlier this year, and when they did, they came down HARD.

They heavily penalized me financially, and severely crippled my ability to make music and work as a band. It has been technically illegal for us to be performing music under the name SEACATS as of 2019. And so far, for all of 2019 all of our royalty payments have been going straight into the hands of the american citizens as the beginning of our “repayment plan” (that is the term being used by the IRS agents who are working with us to get our name cleared). Another strange (and I think slightly cruel) part of the punishments has been working to create a new “theme song” for the IRS office. They have forced me to work grueling hours on top of my regular job composing a new theme for them (that theme song will be posted soon).

Needless to say, with all of this stress and difficulty going on, I have been feeling very disconnected from performing, and I have been really itching to get out on the road again. So with all of that said, I have some exciting news. Through working with our IRS agents, we have come up with a solution that really unique, exciting, and (most importantly) legal.

Starting later this month we will be going on the “Tax Apology” tour! Now I want to say upfront, the main focus of this tour will be making apologies and trying to make right the wrongs for the heinous tax fraud that I committed in early 2018. We really want to win back the trust of the american citizens that we cheated out of tax dollars. It is not the ideal way for us to being back out on the road, I would prefer we go out and play “wrecked” and all those other tunes that we love to play, but I am thankful to have been offered this opportunity to at least get out there and see you all. Due to the legal trouble, this may be the last (only) time we hit the road for a long while. Expect a fun (but apologetic) show, from the same crew you’ve always loved. We will have more promo material and info for the shows coming soon! Hope to see you there